Spray Tan Equipment

The spray tan equipment used in the application of fake tans is extremely important when it comes to applying a natural looking, streak free tan. Only well-maintained, professional spray tan equipment and products should be used if you want to achieve the best results. So if you are looking for a gorgeous golden glow, without risking the damaging effects of sun beds or worrying about the perils of patchiness and steaks when you apply your own fake tan at home, then you need look no further. A spray tan is just the thing you have been looking for!

The spray tan equipment that I use is of the highest quality as are the tanning products I choose to offer my clients. This ensures a streak free, long lasting tan that will look as natural as a real tan, as if you just stepped of the plane from a holiday in the sunshine!

Using spray tan equipment to apply your tan makes for a quick and easy process. I simply use the specially selected colour product, which is loaded into the spray tanning equipment and then applied to your skin in a matter of minutes. Your tan will be even, streak free and quick drying. Whilst you should not wash the product off for a few hours, you can relax knowing it will not be patchy and streaky unlike fake tan creams, mousses or sprays that you apply yourself.

Maintaining that fabulous tan when you return after your holiday is easy with the spray tan equipment I use. I have been expertly trained to use the specialist spray tan equipment, so you know that you are in the hands of a professional.

As the spray tan equipment that I use is portable this means that I can come to your home. Have your spray tan applied in the comfort of your own house. No more expensive trips into town to visit the sun bed shop!

Now you can keep that beautiful bronzed look all year round with a minimum of fuss and effort. Have your tan applied by me with the specialist spray tan equipment and ensure that you look naturally sun kissed, gorgeous and golden at any time of year.

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